Comprehensive Course for Auditors of Third Party Collection Vendors

If your oversight responsibility includes third party vendors, then you probably already understand the importance of oversight. Understanding the Compliance Management System as well as your Vendor's Policies and Procedures is an important step in developing, or enhancing your current audit processes. Approximately four hours of lessons, with quizzes to test your learning and some downloadable spreadsheets to customize to your own situation.

  • Learn about compliance and oversight from an experienced third party auditor with this self-paced online tool.

  • Chapter One: The Compliance Management System

  • Chapter Two: Board & Management Oversight

  • Chapter Three: The Compliance Program

  • Chapter Four: Complaint Management

  • Chapter Five: The Compliance Audit

  • Chapter Six: Policy & Procedures

  • Chapter Seven: Policy & Procedures Specific Areas of Focus


Ken Evancic

Vice President

Ken Evancic

Ken Evancic is a collections veteran with over 25 years experience. He has managed all phases of collection, including all levels of delinquency, automated dialer units, early out agency management, recovery, and skip tracing. In addition to collections operations management, he has lead initiatives in the areas of performance management, collections strategy development, collector and manager training, collector desktop design, collections reporting systems, and risk and compliance. As a consultant for Resource Management Services, Inc., Ken has specialized in developing and completing third party compliance and performance audits for collections agencies and collection attorney firms for many top credit grantors and debt buyers. He has leveraged his 25 years of experience to develop multiple collector and collection management training classes designed to maximize collector performance. In addition to collection training, Ken helped develop and facilitates the RMS Third Party Vendor Auditing training. Prior to joining Resource Management Services, Inc., Ken spent over 20 years with Citi starting as a collector and working throughout collections as a Front Line manager, Vice President Collections Operations Manager and Sr. Vice President and Collections Director.

Our Oversight Without Travel Series

A Four-Part Series for Auditors of Third Party Collection Vendors Courses One and Two Available Now!

The Oversight Without Travel programs teach auditors and other oversight professionals without travel to an onsite workshop, and includes methods of auditing for productive and effective oversight of vendors from offsite or remote locations. Learn to build an efficient oversight program that capitalizes on the previous experiences of auditors and includes tips and techniques necessary for you to develop and customize an effective oversight program that best suits your company and your vendors.
A Four Class Series

Authorized RMAi Education Provider

Looking for hours for your RMAi Certification?

Resource Management Services, Inc. is an authorized educational provider for RMAi. If you're working on your certification, our courses can count.  Our Oversight Without Travel - Call Monitoring course is 1.5 hours.  The Oversight Without Travel - Compliance Management, Policies and Procedures is 4 hours.